Simple, Powerful, Configurable


Administrative Controls - Thoughtfully designed to ensure ease of use and give you control of users, devices and information. 


Multi-Lingual - Users can select English or Spanish language as well as Metric or English Units.


Vehicle Disable - Help ensure asset security and recovery. This optional feature allows the administrator to remotely disable a vehicles ignition. 


Sensors - Monitor and get alerting on fluid levels in tanks with optional sensor integration. Compatibility with other sensors possible. 


GSM & Satellite Devices - A variety of devices, including the new Satellite FLEX, allows for ultimate deployment flexibility. 


Panic Alerts - Help ensure employee safety with available panic button integration. In an emergency, the driver can activate a panic alert which can be seen and actively managed in the application. 


Geofence Violation Alerts - Geofences can be established down to the device level and the polygonal feature lets you create very detailed boundaries. 


Speed Alerts - Safe driving is when good business, get notified when a driver's speed is excessive.


Stope & Idle Reports - Unscheduled stops and excessive idling cost the company money. Clear expectations coupled with detailed reporting help mold good driver behavior. 


Placemarks - Create, save and display important places on the map. 

Increased ROI, improved productivity and enhanced safety of employees and assets are just a few of many reasons companies are deploying fleet tracking solutions. Still, some business owners have not deplyed due to concerns of complexity or cost. We break those barriers with a turn-key, economical solution. 

Our Cellular GPS Monitors includes a configurable web-based application, a proven messaging transportation network and a choice of devices.